Okay so you know there are guys here working on the kitchen right? Well they are real talkers, talk all day long about everything. Just heard this, thought I’d share:

Tile guy one: "I want to go to Venezuela"
Tile guy two: "oh"
Tile guy one: "Have you seen the movie Anaconda?"
Tile guy two: "no"
Tile guy one: "Ya, it starts in Venezuela" 
                     "They have anacondas there."
                     "I love anacondas."
                     "300 pounds, six feet long"
                     "love em."
Tile guy two: "My daughter’s gerbil was killed by a snake."

All that was going through my head: "My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns HUN!"
Oh my sides hurt.

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  1. YOu can doside bends or sit ups.
    But please don’t lose that BUTT.
    Oh girl, I just realized I know all the words to that song. Now I have to live with that.
    But I’m guessing you do too.

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