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Bj’s birthday is coming up and I was going to be watching Nick and Lacey during that time, but their parent’s trip got changed to the week after so I thought I’d surprise Bj today by making him a little pre-birthday thing letting him know we would get to spend the weekend together.

This is the cover. The book is just a half a piece of 12×12 cardstock accordion folded, with some easy stitched pockets and tags. I used crayons for the B so much fun!
Each tag has things for him to pick for me to plan the perfect birthday weekend for him. I used a little square hole punch to make the boxes, just punching out of scrap cardstock from the tags. Isn’t that 4 card sweet? Sciarrino gave me some playing cards from this old game and this was in there. I also like how the happy birthday charm thing is attached to the page, I punched a (round) hold and stuck some double faced satin through one ring, brought it around back and tied it on the side. I hope he has fun filling this out so I can plan a great weekend!

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  1. awww…this is the cutest gift i have seen in a long time. and what a great idea to let him choose what he wants to do on his special day.
    i may have to steal this idea from ya 😉

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