Okay so remember how I did that
Thank you Alice! I love it, yum, yum, yum! And I love Burt’s Bees, thanks!

So today I spent time getting together a box of goodies for Sarah, the winner of the roll-over contest.
Since Sarah doesn’t have a blog ("…who on earth would read about the ramblings of a 31 year old single funeral director.") I had her answer a series of questions to come up with a good batch of stuff to send her. I loved her answers:

I’ve been absolutely giddy since getting your e-mail yesterday.  I still can’t believe I won.  This is so exciting.

To answer your questions:

Favorite color:  Green

Word to describe me:  hmmm, this is a tough one….I’m so not girly, modern, or preppy…I’m just a country girl with a twist of weirdness…how’s that?

Favorite movie:  Hands down, Shawshank Redemption…lock me in a room and play it 24/7.   Forrest Gump runs a pretty close second.  I love to spontaneously quote either movie.

Crafty things:  There was once a time I cross stitched and then the paper arts took over.  My main hobby is scrapbooking but anything involving paper is cool…cards, stamping, art, anything.  If I give a gift, you can guarantee I’ve made the card, decorated the gift bag, or embellished the wrapping paper in some way, shape, or form.  I had the worst time trying to find blue and yellow decor for my bathroom.  Framed some scrapbook papers, made some funky paper/button flowers and framed them—voila!  Instant art.  I wish I could say that I sew or quilt or knit, but they will have to go on my list of some day.

Where have I traveled:  I’m hopelessly in love with the "north country."  I grew up in southern Minnesota, but long for northern Minnesota…trees, lakes, fresh air, mountains.  Love it.  My dream vacation was to Alaska in 2001. If I could, I would drop everything (and some days I’m tempted to) and move in a heart beat.  My next place to visit is Maine and Nova Scotia.

Kids:  None yet, but I have two nieces and one nephew who are mildly spoiled.  🙂

Furry animals:  None there either, although I dream of having a pug someday.  My work schedule is chaotic (to put it mildly) and it’s not fair to just leave them alone for 12-20 hours at a time, but maybe someday when the time allows.

Favorite candy:  I’m definitely a more salty then sweet gal, but give me some strawberry (or cherry) Twizzlers or peanut M&Ms and I’m in heaven.

I’m telling you people you want to play my games.
And of course I couldn’t show her everything so there are some hidden things in there as well. So this all got me to thinking, thinking about a super cool crafty swap. I can’t promise a super cool blinkie or anything (though there is this graphic designer I might be able to talk into making one), but it would be cool. See what I’m thinking is that people super awesome crafty chicks could sign up who had blogs (you know so we can all drool over the loot), and an excess of awesome supplies (please tell me I’m not the only one). I could randomly pair you up and you’d have a few weeks to get out a box to your buddy.

Just comment if you think that’s cool, and I’ll set up official sign ups if there are like at least 10 people.

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  1. oh my goodness….I have seriously died and gone to heaven…look at that box!!! How on earth am I going to wait for it to get to me in Minnesota? Torture–sheer torture! 🙂

  2. Would love to join in, I’m in canada and have no blog (this summer i would love to sign up, just need some uninterupted time!!)
    Please let me know if this is an option!
    Dawn in Canada

  3. Hi there – I would love to join! I have just started my blog, however, so I hope that would be okay.
    This is a great idea; thanks! – Jen

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