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Okay so the swap sign ups are going great – 14 people signed up so far, and only one non-blogger. For those who didn’t see on the original post I opened up the swap for those without blogs (they will be swapping with each other). If you want to sign up do so by July 5th on the original post. Also I set up a category where all the swap info will be in one place.

Okay so to converse with your secret pal you’ll need a secret email address. This is really easy to set up. I used gmail, it’s easy, if you want an account email me and I’ll send you an invite.

-secretpal (at) gmail (dot) com has been taken for like a millennium, but you can add a number to that or come up with a totally random name (that’s what I did).
-go into settings (on gmail up on the top right)
-click the accounts tab and then look what it says under "send mail as" make sure that doesn’t show your name and if it does change your name to be secret pal. (I didn’t do this the first swap I was in, and even though I had a "secret" email, my name was still shown as the sender, oops!)

That’s basically it, and then you can comment on their blogs with that email address and they can’t find out who you are! Any questions?

And thanks for all the kind words about my place, I’m beyond excited.


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