The little monkies

So I spent the last five days chasing these munchkins around. They are as cute as ever, but busier, for sure. Five and almost two.

Impromptu coloring! I had him color every inch of this life sized poster. Check it out here.

That about sums up my week. Well that plus diapers, whole milk, swim lessons, tummy flashing, boo boo kissing, backyard camping, wardrobe changes, early mornings, a muddy dog, flashlight book reading, binkies and night nights.

I’m really tired, but somehow I think if I had two ones  of my own that size/shape/age it would be easier. I don’t know if this is true, but I always think that it would be. I guess I’m a long way off from knowing, but one things certain, I really got nothing done this weekend. I could have plopped them down in front of the telly, but I don’t want to rob them (or let’s be honest, me!) of summertime fun. Tomorrow I need to go back to the cottage and come up with a (revised) game plan. Looks like three more weeks of work. I have another quote for the basement tomorrow, so we’ll see. Two steps forward.

One step back.

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  1. Ahhh Kids! Soooo Cute! don’t worry about the house it will still be there when you are done playing1

  2. Adorable picts ALP! You’re soo great at capturing the essence of the moment. You should totally frame some of your favorite shots for your house—like the one where you’re standing on river rocks.
    Talk to you soon, s

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