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Okay so I don’t know if it’s because its gotten a little chilly and wet outside, and thus I’ve been using noxious chemicals without proper ventilation, but I feel a little down. More of the same, nothing that interesting to blog about, save refinishing furniture, which isn’t really that interesting: strip, sand, curse, sand, burn self somehow, go to the Home Depot, smell up the house…

So I was thinking, you should ask me questions. See I’ve seen this on other blogs and I find it so interesting. Plus, I have a low percentage of commentors to readers and I’m wondering what all the others of you are thinking about. So you can ask me about crafty things, home repair things (which I think I’ve got a great handle on right now), ribbon things, thrifiting things, personal things, my sign (I think that’s pretty clear, but you know), anything. What do you say? I’ll wait till I have a big bunch of questions and then answer them. Sounds fun? Well have at it then.

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  1. Amber Lee,
    My question is:
    “If you could spend a weekend any place in the world, doing whatever makes you feel the most happy, what would that look like?”
    p.s. don’t even think about how much it might cost! The budget for this “weekend” is unlimited.

  2. How does a person go about getting more people to visit their blog? How many feeds are out there?
    I’m enjoying seeing the progress on your house and all your cheap finds!!!

  3. Sorry but I’m usually a ‘lurker’ and I just enjoy reading your blog. But I liked the idea of getting us out into the open to ask a question. So here it is: if you were a character in any book who would it be? Now, don’t be offended but I have you down as one of my favourites, ‘Tigger’ from Whinnie the Pooh – am I close?

  4. 1. When are you coming to see me?
    2. Have you made any very attractive roses out of doilies yet? No? 70’s outfits?
    3. What is the (soccer) offside rule?
    4. What do you think it was that Meatloaf wouldn’t do for love?
    5. If you had to choose, would it be singing or dancing?

  5. Cool! I would like to know: how do you change all your electric sockets/switches to white? I have all shades of “almond” here in my house, but I’m afraid I’ll elctrocute myself. (of course I could just do a google search to find this answer, but it would be more fun for you to answer.) 🙂

  6. I must admit, I don’t comment very much (but I have commented before). Your blog is one of my FAVORITES! I love watching you remodel your house. I also do tons of furniture refinishing projects, but I’m still learning. Most of the projects I have done involved stripping, sanding and painting. But, I have some pieces that are solid wood, and I would like to strip them and then refinish them and not paint them…how would you go about this task???

  7. I see you have loads of fun thrifting and picking up all manner of odds and ends…but, do you sometimes look at all the loot you’ve amassed and have second thoughts about having bought some of it? Is there an ideal number of $1 chairs you’re shooting for? 😉 Have you ever wished you’d just bought *insert item* new? Do you think, even after fully moving in, you’ll still keep your storage unit to hold all the makings of future projects and whatnot that you want to hang onto? Can it be assumed that you’ll be holding a mega garage/yard in the near future?
    Laughing…but really am curious! 🙂

  8. I have my computer back now so i can post. I check in every morning to your blog, right when i get to work. I love when people show these, obviously as i am nosey.
    “What’s in your purse?”
    Dawn in Canada

  9. Hey there! I’m a daily reader down here in Alabama, and I’m finally commenting for the first time. Good idea to get us shy ones out there! I’m really living vicariously through you and the whole house fix-up project. I would love to do the same, but I haven’t found the braveness yet! Here’s my question (or questions!): what has been the most fun/most difficult/most rewarding things so far during your house make-over??

  10. I call this “candle weather” ’cause it makes me want to go and light candles in every room. So here’s my questions:
    1. What candle “smell” (or smells) is your favorite?
    2. Do you read my blog? (shameless self promotion there)
    That’s all I can think of right now….

  11. 1. If we were stranded on an island together what would be the subject we talk about most.
    2. In the Lifetime original movie of your life, who would play Sciarrino?
    2a. Wait a sec… who would play you Jillian Anderson or Veronica Mars!
    3. Would you rather go about life without candy or Diet Coke?
    4. Where would you drive on your last tank of gas (all the gas stations—around the world—are out)?
    Dude I could to this all day…

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