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Whoa, talk about a tiring and crazy last 72 hours, I am beat, and so wanting to take a break and watch those last two Veronica Mars episodes I’ve been saving. First things first, so who won right? Well my brother was unavailable at the moment I needed some one to draw, so I had my mom do it, and… SHE CHOSE HERSELF! But we decided that was unfair since currently she sleeps mere yards from the Ribbon Jar. So she chose again and came up with Andrea! Yea Andrea! Andrea my personal computer is currently in the midst of renovating chaos, so if you want the jar shipped to you any time soon email me with your address! So you didn’t win (all the rest of you I mean), don’t be down. Check out all these new beauties:
Of course it looks bigger and better instantly, how do you do that mom?

Oh and in totally unrelated, but really cute news, I went to Goodwill today and found this neat clip thing (still in it’s package) for turning anything into a bib. It’s a Kipiis, and on Amazon they are 12 bucks, I paid 99 cents.  And listen, please don’t tell me I don’t need to be buying baby stuff, I hear that enough from my mother (but I still love you mom).

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  1. I won, I won, I won! And I never win anything so I still cant believe it! And you know what? The fun was just particiapting in the whole thing so it’s just an awesome bonus! Thanks ALP!

  2. Progress…. Thanks for the goofy picture of your Mom! Perhaps you will get a decent one of her someday!

  3. Love the appliances in the kitchen. The silver looks so good with the turquoise. And your living room is looking GRAND too. And the bib thingie…reminds me of the clips at the dentist.

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