Warming Up

I just took this to Kinko’s to print up. I hope they turn out alright. They are postcards, and the back has all the info.
What info? Well I’m going to attempt to have a house warming party next week. I mean,
everything might not get done, but oh well because most of it is. And
the bathroom is going to be finished soon (had to hire a little part
out), windows in the basement done, I’ll paint the whole floor down
there this weekend. All in all it’s not looking too shabby. I’ll keep
you updated on my little fixes all week and by next Thursday it should
be awesome. It’s just too bad the front yard is what everyone sees
first, ew.

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  1. Ohhhhhhhhh. I wish I was coming. I got so engrossed in a daydream, where I turned up at your new place to surprise you, that I completely forgot to do something at work this afternoon. One day my friend, xxx

  2. great idea!!! i’ve been toying with the idea of making some of my pictures that i take postcards for swap and the such. do you mind me asking how much kinko’s charges for that kind of thing? (i would assume that this rate would kinda be standard as the other places as we don’t really have a kinko’s…at least i don’t think so). also, are there any requirements to the photo or anything special that i would need to know?
    good luck with the party. sounds like a blast.

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