Christmas Time Again

I love Christmas. I love Christmas decorations, and I love Christmas music, like seriously I think Christmas Time Again by Extreme is in my top five of all songs, not just Christmas. Bj and I got the house all festive today after a trip to Target to get some more decorations. Check the tree:

It’s a little hard to get used to the blueness of the LED lights, but I’m doing it for the earth! 88% less energy used! My dad went to his cousin’s tree farm and picked this tree out for me. Because he ships most of his trees to California we get them all bundled up still, so you don’t know exactly what they are going to look like. Dad swears you can tell if they are more even while bundled, and I think he must be right, because check out how perfect this tree is! When we cut the string and it sprung open it was just so symmetrical, and the house smells so so good now.

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  1. Lovely tree Amber. I was a little surprised though, to see it devoid of any RIBBON…

  2. all right, coming from another amber who LOOOOOOOOOOOVES Christmas, please, please share more photos of your first house decorated (by you) for the first time for Christmas. please?!!!

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