And Found

There is nothing sweeter than a good morning thrifting with your best friend to get you back on the road to happiness.
Sciarrino and I hit the sales Saturday morning. The first stop was a house we both adore on High Street, a couple blocks down from me. I got the seven dollar folding card table there. Other finds of the day were the three old crates, index card file, nice stack of totally random charting paper (with graphs and things), old lunch box, bag of trim and notions, and I just realized that I didn’t take a picture of the funky colored napkins I got. They have really interesting trim on the bottom, very fun. I’m sure you’ll see them at some outdoor BBQ soon. I feel much better now. Here’s to many more thrifting weekends!

3 Replies to “And Found”

  1. so glad you had some good thrifting 🙂

  2. fun finds! love that lunchbox.
    Can’t wait unitl the sales start popping up around here.

  3. Nothing like some good thrifting to make you feel all better! You always find the greatest stuff!

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