Spick and Span


Is it wrong to be in love with my own ingeniousness? Okay well this idea isn’t mine, but hey I remembered it! I think it was in a Real Simple magazine a few years ago, or something like that. Totally easy. I’ve been wanting to do this in the stairwell since I moved in, but I didn’t want to go to all the trouble before I painted the ceiling and everything, because that is messy.

Step one: Cut a hole in the box. Hehehe, just kidding. Step one is really to pick out some old silverware. The more random the better. And the more actual silver the better, because it bends a lot easier.

Step two: On a hard surface lay down a few layers of fabric. I used a folded up old sheet and that was just the right amount of padding. Hammer out any bends in the silverwares handle and neck.

Step three: Use your womanly powers to bend the silverware with your bare hands. You will feel like wonder woman when you do this and ponder how you eat day to day with out wrecking every utensil you touch.

Step four: Make a dot with a sharpie where you want to drill. Find a drill bit the same size as your screw (I found that the nice rounded headed metal screws look best) and drill a hole into the silver (do this on a chunk of wood and watch your hands as it can skip around!). A drill press would work great for this, but work with what you’ve got.

Step five: Screw into a board, a wall, side of a cabinet, and admire your handiwork!

Who is going to be wearing a pretty little apron everyday? That would be me!

p.s. I sacrificed a few of my favorite spoons. My brother asked if this one was worth anything, and should I be cutting into it. My personal motto, just enjoy it. What’s a pile of silver really worth if it’s stuck in a box that you never see?

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  1. wow! I love this post…I am so going to copy (borrow) this idea when I have my own place and am no longer renting. How fantastic…and wouldn’t it be cool to get a whole lot of those little tourist spoons of all the places you visit and use them to hang keys and jewellery! Thanks for sharing.

  2. VERY cool!
    Gonna remember this idea for when I have a bigger place.
    LOVE the apron collection too by the way.
    Don’t they just make cooking and baking more fun?

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