Putting all my mad surfing skills to good use.

And in the totally not going to save the world, but extremely interestinig and funny catagory we have random crap from Amber day! I’ve been online like non stop getting info on my iPhone. And have come across quite a few interesting little gems on the web. So enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Person witnesses a murder and writes the paper about it.
(ah hahahahahahahaha)

Complaint about airline seat. (I fact checked this on Snopes, and it’s real!)

A fun little American accent quiz (I’m a midland apparently – the least amount of accent! Nice and boring, Go me!)

Anyway just a little fun. I stopped by my local AT&T store and there were already a couple guys lined up! It is raining here (I know, shocker) and there is no way I’m spending the night out there. The super sweet clerk at the shop gave me her personal cell number so I could call tomorrow and check on the line status. I asked how many 8G iPhones they were getting and she said she didn’t know, but they already had some. Hmmm…. My dad is the landlord to that building and I so want to borrow his keys and go get me one tonight. Ha! I wish!

Next up: thrifting Amber style, a do it yourself guide!

*edited to add. Almost forgot my favorite. Kung Foo Baby!!!

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  1. Midland = me too! We should be newscasters….
    Start making your list of all the things I will need to bring you tomorrow. Maybe you should take a few of my business cards. 😉
    Even if you break in the iPhones won’t work. I heard that tomorrow stores are shutting down for a bit so they can install a crucial part to each phone—they are doing so so criminals (or Ambers) don’t hi-jack the delivery trucks in route to the stores. And jail isn’t fun just ask Paris (—who is an embarrassment to America IMO.)
    Good luck getting sleep tonight!

  2. I just saw the commercial for your phone and for the umpteenth time Josh & I were like “Amber & BJ are totally getting those,” so since it is i-phone eve, I wanted to let you know. Also, do the apple folks know what sacrifice you’re making by giving up crucial thrifting time for i-phone line standing time? Discount people, discount.

  3. Very suiting, I seem to have managed to get the Canadian accent, and it said I was “The Best so Far.” Cool! As for the iPhone goes,= being Canadian is crap, we’re not getting it until at least January! Boo!

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