I’m melting, I’m melting!


I’ve been checking in on the weather for the past week, as it hasn’t rained and the mercury has only continued to creep up and up and up. And today is the day that has been looming ahead… the one that had 104 degrees on the horizon. Now we don’t have air conditioning, which is common in these old neighborhoods, but we do have big beautiful trees and windows and doors we can open to get cool air in. The problem is around ninety that really stops being all that effective. Case and point? It was 75 in the house this morning, and at 10:30 I finally had to cave and close all the windows and doors when the temp went up to 76 in here. And now at 11:30 it’s 83 outside already. WHOA! Once the house is locked down all you can do is wait and keep adjusting window coverings trying your best to be one step ahead of the sun.  Luckily for me I have 1) a basement and 2) tickets to the midnight showing of Harry Potter!!! I will update temps as the day goes on:

11:30 am 76 (in) 83 (out)

12:41 pm 78 (in) 91 (out)

1:45 pm 79 (in) 95 (out) I went out the last hour to water my plants and DAMN is it hot.

2:19 pm 80 (in) 98 (out)

3:24 pm 81 (in) 101 (out) okay time to bring the candles down to the basement.

9:45 pm 84 (in) 90 (out) I had to get out of the house for a while, and my mom’s swimming pool was just the place to be!

p.s. I would like to say I’m not being a wimp here, it feels a lot hotter in Oregon when temperatures are in the 100s than a dry desert climate.

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  1. and they said *we’d* be having a hot summer. It’s done nearly nothing but rain!
    and coming from seattle, I hear ya on the temps feeling hotter in a wet climate! 😉 don’t melt!

  2. I hate you. I don’t know if you heard all about the lack of a summer here (more so than the usual British wimpy summertime) and all the flooding Sheffield and surrounding areas has had in the last 2 weeks. our highest temperature for June was maybe 19degrees (66.2 Farenheit). And this June was the wettest month on record…EVER.
    I wish we had an opportunity for shorts and summer skirts and strappy tops and sandals. We are still in waterproofs and boots here! Bah!

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