The iPhone is so slim…

Everyone: "How slim is it?"

Well I found out it’s nice and slim enough to fit perfectly between the seat and center console of my car. Oops. But came out unscathed, when I finally managed to fish it out, slippery little sucker. Not really meant for the squeeze between your ear and shoulder conversation, which is good, because I only do that when I’m driving and need both hands, and if you need both hands you shouldn’t be talking on the phone, so ya, that’s going to stop. Anyway Let’s check out some pictures shall we? I have a photography motto: know thy camera. I’m getting use to take pictures with the iPhone. I haven’t had a camera where you have to use the screen as the viewfinder before, and it’s throwing me a bit. I find it really disorientating to compose the shot, with all the other stuff around the camera, just focusing on the screen is a bit hard. Especially because with out any settings you have to be quick with when to push the capture button.

My cousin’s little girl with Daisy the puppy. Two really fast moving things that I couldn’t really place in correct light fast enough. But still decent.

I tend to do better in the evenings anyway but this was next to an open door, so good lighting.

Bj took this of grandpa and I back lit a bit but we hold still better than kids.

So for those of you who use fully automatic cameras with a fixed lens (no zoom)  and don’t use flash (or those of you really clever with your camera phones) any tips? Or any tips in general about using a screen to compose shots? I’d love to feel adapt enough at using this to take snapshots and leave the D50 at home occasionally. I mean I love the D50, but it’s not always fesable to carry, and since I’ll have the iPhone with me everywhere (:>)… 

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  1. i’m glad you managed to fish your iPhone out! haha. i would have freaked out. 🙂 & you want tips on how to use the screen to take photos? well, that’s what all i’ve been using for the last… 4ish years and i don’t even really know how to tell you tips. i would need tips on how to look through the viewfinder again! haha.
    i just always kinda move the camera around, try to get different angles, try to pick up different lighting. if you’re not satisfied with the lighting in the photo, but love the photo you’ve taken.. i just always mess around in photoshop and fix it. 🙂
    hope i somewhat helped! have a great 4th!

  2. Ok, so I don’t have any tips for you, seeing as though the last pictures I sent you from my digital camera came out blurry (have no idea how THAT happened!) But I do have one thing to say…Grandpa = cute old man! 😀

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