Twilight Time

This evening Bj and I walked over to Brent and Sciarrino’s (remember they only live a few blocks away) to see their new paved driveway. Their yard is looking beyond wonderful with little hanging lanterns in the big tree, water toppling out of a large rock my brother bore a hole into, and all lengths of grasses. Jealous, that’s what I am. The front of our house makes it look like it is still a rental. Coming back to it I decided to keep walking instead of heading inside. I did a few loops around the little streets by myself. Not something I normally do as I’m a big wimp. No I’m not scared of gangsters, or running into a dead man in a car, like they found last year around here. It’s cats that I hate. That’s it. Now you all know I don’t like cats that go out side, kill birds and fight with each other very loudly at all hours of the night, they freak me out.

But none the less I did walk around by myself tonight. Just before it got inky black, when my white skirt sort of glimmered in the light. I flip-flopped my way around houses and jumped up and down off the curbs as we have a weird assortment of sidewalks/no sidewalks around here. I saw a fat middle aged man with a scruffy beard watching some kind of space invader show on the television and heard a few woman laughing loudly in the back of that house. I saw little children’s toys lined up on a the window sill of a powder blue room. I smelled delicious flowers mixed with herbs mixed with turned soil as people stood out watering. I passed big Victorian style houses and tiny little cottages I hadn’t noticed before.

I paid attention and I loved it. Just being by myself, letting thoughts swirl around in my head. It was wonderful and I suggest to everyone to take a walk around the block tomorrow and see  what you find.

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree. I love walking around (especially past houses and gardens) and taking in the various architecture, designs, ideas, sights and sounds. Hiking mountain and countryside is nice…but it doesn’t compare to buildings and people. Well, in my opinion at least. It sounds lovely…when Ed and I come to visit, you’ll have to take us out for a walk. Foreign neighbourhoods are even more exciting (As are foreign supermarkets as I’m sure you remember. And don’t sweat the cats, we’ll protect you. Hehehe

  2. I went for a run in my new neighborhood the other week (then locked myself out of the house, remember?) Anyways, we had driven by many of these places many times, but jogging by, I was able to take in many of the details I never noticed from a car. And, meeting some people! Everyone is very friendly and I got several ‘hello’s from people I’ve never met…when you take time to stop and smell the roses, isn’t life great?

  3. Love the way you take the time to “stop and smell the roses” and then share with the rest of us. I’m going to make sure that my walks are more focused on whats around me instead of getting through the exercise! You should have taken a picture of Brent’s place to share with the rest of us.

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