We made it!

Geez I guess Sciarrino has been slacking on the guest blogging 🙂 Just kidding, I know she’s been super busy. I just wanted to say that we made it! All our pictures were shot in RAW and I can’t upload them here, but we are having a great time at Carmen and Andrew’s. The drive was absolutely one of the most amazing experiences in our lives. So beautiful. Like completely amazing. We crossed back into the USA yesterday and arrived at Anchorage last night. Today I had to post my car. 🙁 It totally rocked the trip and who ever gets it is going to be one happy customer I am sure. Check out my Craig’s list posting. Do you think I fully get across how much I love this vehicle? Oh and to answer Erin’s question of why we are selling it. Two things: we have to get a car that sits a little higher up for grandpa to get in and out of easier, and when we realized that we couldn’t rent a car and leave it up here we decided to drive it and sell it and fly back (because we didn’t want to take off too much time and driving both ways would have taken forever).

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  1. I have been checking your blog everyday to see any updates. Glad you made it!!! I can’t wait to see your pictures and hear all about your trip when you get back! Man, I love that car too…so many good memories!

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