Hanging with my gnomies.

So on Halloween I headed up to Portland to dote on my lovely and perfect god-daughter V (what, I’m allowed to be biased, right?). This post is going to be picture heavy because she’s so damn cute I can’t just pick one. Michele and I have a thing for gnomes. I find them to be hilarious and for their housewarming gift I bought them some pre-worn (hehehe) garden gnomes from a garage sale. So I thought it fitting that I make up a gnome costume for V for this holiday.

I whipped up the belt with a scrap of pleather and a novelty belt buckle. Tres cheap and easy. 

The hat of course I made. I knit it up really quickly two weekends ago, and then dunked it in hot soapy water, between rinses of cold water, followed by a dry in the drier to felt it up and make it sturdier.  Thank goodness Violet is a hat girl now. She had no problems with it. Occasionally taking it off to check it out, then handing it to me so I could put it back on her head. The beard however, was a no go. She has become so much more independent since my last visit! 

She’s standing, walking, babbling like crazy. I got to spend the night and then hang out with her the next day. She kept reaching up for my fingers to do this:

I totally picked out those shoes for her to wear. Multi-colored high tops, she is so cool. Yesterday afternoon I went with the family to take pictures. I had to give the lens back so I really wanted to use it. That coupled with light issues, a very active 15 month old, and lots of people made it hard, hard, hard.

I really learned a lot though. I need to figure out how to give better direction.

And pay attention to the whole picture.

I did manage to get a few cute ones. But I think next time I’ll stick to things I know a little better. especially when I’m trying to work quickly.

*edited to add: oh and what was I on Halloween? Nothing interesting. I just wore my old costume from a high school production of Oklahoma, so I was like, a prairie girl. Total cop-out, I know!

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  1. Ummm…LOL she is ADORABLE as a gnome!!! What a cute idea! I can’t wait to see what you dress your kids up like 😉 And the pictures are great! Love that last one!

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