Little Miss Karsen

Oh how I love this little girl. Yes it’s her, the sweet

We went to story time at the library (were apparently all the cute kids in Salem go), had lunch on a fishy plate, learned what a globe was, and about the color mustard. I learned she gets really sweaty after a nap.

I could hear her stirring in the other room so I said, "sissy are you awake?" I got a nice drawn out, "yaaaaa" I said she could get up and I saw this. LOL "I get sweaty after nap. My head hot." I was dying, seriously so funny. Or when she was playing with my little people bus and I hear her say, "oh honey, you forgot your jacket," to one of the school kids. I love the imagination at this age. She took a lid from her smoothie thing and put it on top of her half eaten string cheese. She said his name was cheese. I asked what cheese was doing, "um petting a doggie." Okay. Oh and her best friend? She told me it was "Hoggie" Her brother. SO DAMN CUTE!

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