11 Replies to “Move It”

  1. Hope you get some sleep. Poor grandpa. Poor you.

  2. We’re praying – for you and for Grandpa.

  3. So sorry to hear about your grandpa. Emergency dept waits suck!

  4. what a late night ordeal!
    poor grandpa…
    and poor you!
    I hope you at least got a little nap in before your appointment!

  5. Hey miss, sorry to hear about grandpa!!!! booo. Hope your side gets sorted today!

  6. Well, we hadn’t heard much about grandpa lately…think he just wanted to cause a stir? *smile* I say get BJ to get you both some ice cream – you deserve it. And then go find a quite place to sleep (remember to turn the phones off.) Healthy wishes to all, and a very speedy recovery to Grandpa.

  7. What was it I remember hearing about you not being reliable? Thank God for those who do “dirty jobs” and those who are reliable!

  8. Tough situation. I’m glad Grandpa has someone there to care for him. How awful would it be if he wasn’t close to you! Still, do what you can to take care of yourself and your baby. All three of you should get a good nap.
    Take Care,

  9. I hope the appointment went well. Happy thoughts for grandpa!

  10. Poor Grandpa, but look on the good side; he couldn’t have anyone better than you and B.J. to take care of him. You are the BEST!!! Try to get some rest when you can, you’re probably going to need it!

  11. You rock. I think you are really tough. Well done xxx

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