Friggin Bees

We could go with a post about my lovely in laws visiting, or some new spinning, or the great weather we had, or even our three new windows, but instead: bees.

On Saturday when our tree stump removal guy was here (which is pretty awesome by the way, the process), he pointed out some bee action happening on the corner of our house:
Only think like forty times worse since Bj took this at dusk (with the flash) and there is only a tiny percentage of the bees active. I was like, Oh that's nasty, but we'll kill them no big deal right? Oh so wrong. First of all I go to the bathroom and realize midstream that there are bees all over the vanity. I have never pulled up my underwear so fast in my life! Bj's mom cleaned up the piles of them that had congregated in there by Saturday night (but I was feeding Tuesday so I didn't snap a picture). This is the next morning:
Ew, bees. They are coming in through the vent… we think. So Bj went ahead and hung some traps and sprayed some killer and….
it's worse (hey but a nice addition to the hovel that is our backyard right now).

People I don't want to be overly dramatic… but I can hear them, yes, HEAR them in the ceiling of my craft den (which means they are between the floor of Tuesday's room, or around there). I'm sure I'll sleep great tonight. No bee keeper wants to take them because they are so high up (we called  them first to try and do the "right thing"), so tomorrow we're bringing in the professional bee assassins, wish us luck.

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  1. Ugh that doesn’t sound like fun at all! I hope the bee killers do the trick tomorrow, and you can sleep soundly once they’re taken care of..

  2. you know, we had bees. all last summer. and the beekeeper came and tried to get the queen out, but she was in too deep and he couldn’t. so the bees had to stay. why? they are under environmental protection, you can’t just kill them! at least, not in Germany.
    thankfully, we didn’t have them IN the house…I’d have been freaking much more if they’d gotten in and stayed. They just built their hive up above the garage and probably all died over the winter.
    good luck!

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