I wouldn’t bet my life on it

A couple weeks ago Bj asked if while I was out I could pick up some custom spray paint to match our walls to paint the utility box cover. I was like, "um, they don't make custom spray paint." "Oh they don't," he said. "Ya, I'd bet my life on it." Well turns out they do! Oops. I was at the paint store with my friend and just happened to ask and what do you know, you can get custom tinted spray paint. At Sherwin Williams they have you buy a quart of oil based paint (you choose the finish – I got satin) and they make that into spray paint, at $8 a can. You have to buy a minimum of 3 cans. Worth it.

Ya, that gun on top. If you are even going to spray paint one little thing I highly recommend it. As the package states, "it eliminates finger fatigue" I don't know why but I find that very funny. Anyway we went from this:
Eyesore when you walk up the stairs (a little mucked up because the contractor tried to paint it with a roller then had to scrap it off). To this:
It really does blend well. I know it looks a little light in this picture. In truth it could use another coat. I really like the spray paint, but it does go on a little thin. The fact is:
It's FREAKING HOT OUT. And if I go out there I might melt, like my poor, in the shade, candles. Yesterday = 107, today 109?!?! We freak out about weather here, not rain. 40 days, 40 nights? No ark for us, but temps over a hundred or a little bit of snow? Bring on weather watch 9000. 

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  1. Aww those candles look sad! Clara has gone to dance camp every morning this week, and when I pick her up at noon, the gym is so muggy and yucky. Then we stop and get slushies and diet coke and sit in our A/C’d family room watching TV breaking our “no tv/video games/computers from 10a-5p in the summer” rule.

  2. i learn so much from you! i had NO idea you could get custom spray paint!
    how cool is that?!
    feels like we may get some relief overnight. it’s been WAY too hot. it’s been making me cranky.
    but it’s 8pm and it’s down to86 here in town. my fingers are crossed for a good night sleep tonight!

  3. You’re smart with the spray paint. Knowing Grant and I, we would have just painted over it with the same color of wall paint, not spray paint.
    I would rather have temps in the 100s with access to your mom’s pool than the rainy summer we’re having this year!

  4. Sad little candles. I can’t imagine that heat, it’s been such a cool summer for us.
    I’m tripping out over custom spray paint! My mom is a spray painting maniac, and I don’t think she knows this. Or maybe she does and I just never realized when she rattled on the benefits of spray paint… she spray painted her bathroom counter top, and you can’t even tell. I thought it was brand new. “finger fatigue” *chuckle* that’s great.

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