Punch Giveaway… or I still at least think about scrapbooking

I know, I've been the bad scrapbooker. And to that I say, thank goodness for this blog to keep the wonderful memories of this first year of mamahood fresh in my mind. I been playing around a little bit though and one thing I love are these punches.

Sarah got me hooked on them and they are SO GENIUS. Each one is a corner rounder, but THAT'S NOT ALL… the guard is removed and then they can be used to make scallops. Because Sarah turned me on to these, I thought it only right that she whip up some examples for the giveaway.
CARDS Magazine February 2008 - scallop
This was actually published in a Cards Magazine. I love that magazine (more like an idea book really). The cards in there are always like, "ohhh where did you get that?" Not "Oh did you make that?" You know what I'm talking about. 
And this one she really did just whip up to show the three sizes of punches. They are so awesome right? I mean you are so awesome Sarah, but the punches do help a little. Also loving the Ribbon Jar trim, yummy!

I'm going to take a little blog vacation for the next week and so I don't feel so terrible leaving all my wonderful readers I got a set of these punches to give away. Just leave me a comment below before Saturday, August 8th and I'll draw a winner. Have a great week!

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  1. I used to be VERY into making cards. Back in, oh, 98 or so, I got swept up in the whole Stampin Up! thing. I considered being a demonstrator for a while. We still make our Christmas cards, but you know, with a little one, it’s hard to find the time sometimes!
    Enoy your week off, you will be missed!

  2. I was just scrapbooking this morning…would LOVE to add these to my collection. Great examples! I’ll miss your posts, but enjoy the week off!

  3. I don’t need to be entered into the drawing…but I just wanted to say I LOVE those punches. I use them on practically every layout. I like the big purple one the best. 🙂 And I’ve tried the scallop trick, but I must admit I kinda stink at it!! Enjoy your blog-free time!!

  4. I didn’t know you could take the back of of these….wow. I have enjoyed your mommy-chronicle. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hey Amber!
    What a great idea! – but with normal punches that doesn’t work…
    Wish you a great time off-blogging – loving family life! (;
    Lovely greetings from over the ocean
    Katharina from the BlackForestRegion/Germany (;

  6. Hi Amber!
    Love the punches. Count me in for the draw!
    Also, I received the green leather daytimer in the mail on Thursday.
    I love it. It is so you; and actually so me too!
    Thanks for your kindness in sending it my way. It will be well used and well taken care of.
    Have a great week off.

  7. Oooh pick me! That’s one thing I have so few of…corner rounders. I think I have 1. teehee.
    Have a nice week–it’s not supposed to be sweltering, but I hear rain might be on the way….having mixed feelings about that…

  8. Not sure I understand AT ALL how it works, but I’d love to be entered! I’ve been wanting both a corner-rounder and a scalloper for quite some time. (I’m not up-on-things in the scrapbooking world – – I got made fun of for bringing my straightedge and x-acto to my first scrapbooking retreat! – – blame it on architecture school.)
    I’m so impressed with what you accomplish along with being a new mom. Thanks for sharing your creative life with us!

  9. OOH, how nice of you to give away these punches! I just have to say I love your blog, I love Tuesday, and I love all of your crafty endeavors. Your blog is always such fun eye candy. Keep up the lovely work, and come back soon! I really look forward to your blog entries.

  10. Hi Amber, I love your blog and have been hooked since we both had homebirths and you posted on Ravelry. Would love to be entered into your drawing. Good idea!

  11. I have never used any of these punches so I am excited to read about them. I will go out this afternoon and try to find them. Thanks for the opportunity to “win” them. I enjoy your blog.

  12. I’m pretty much addicted to the green one, but I don’t even have one of my own! Thanks for the giveaway! Your baby is so so so cute, and your wedding was so amazing!!!

  13. Love the scallops! I still need to start my daughters baby scrapbook (she’s 1 now! yeesh!) and the scallops are definitely inspiring!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. The scallops are quite darling – and these punches are lovely coloured by the way. What a great addition for any crafter. Please count me in.

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