Seven Months

Oh my sweet, sweet baby I can't believe you are seven months old (yesterday). Time really has flown by. Everyones says it will, but it's not until you're uploading a couple of years worth of pictures from your iPhone and each one passes for a millisecond that you really realize it. I had to do that today because you drooled my old phone to death. Not your fault really, I thought it would be a good toy for you to play with so I could get a few extra minutes of sleep. Turns out it had a tiny little crack in it that you managed to slobber into.  I found this photo tucked away in the phone: 

I took it at a rest stop at the beginning of December, a month before you were born. How things have changed.
You are a real person now. Someone I couldn't have even dreamed of, because until I met you I didn't know people as awesome as you even existed. We took you traveling recently, your first big adventure, all the way up to Alaska. I was not worried one bit about how you would do on the plane. You love to nurse (oh boy do you love to nurse) so I figured I could do that the whole time if I had to. I nursed you a lot but you also played. You love your toys more than ever now. Sophie is still one of your favorites.
But she didn't go on the plane with us, she rode under it, as you've recently learned you can chuck your toys  pretty far. Unfortunately you can't always get them after you do this and it makes you a little frustrated. The whole time we were visiting with our dear friends I couldn't get over how giant you looked next to little 9 week old Chloe:
She's sort of a lump. An adorable soft, cuddly, sweet, sleepy little lump that we miss a lot, but you've got her beat in the sitting skills by a mile that's for sure. At your last appointment they told us you were in the 5% for weight. I didn't think that was a big deal, you were right on track with my weight when I was your age, and hey look at me, I made it to adulthood! So I always think of you as a wee little thing because the babies your age are so much bigger, but you are not so tiny any more. And some of the clothes I brought for you to wear in Alaska I left there because oh my goodness almost no sweaters fit you any more. I better get knitting! We decided to wait until after our trip to give you solids. I did not think you were ready. The few times we tried you choked and gagged and did not like it one bit. Now you can sit up so well and we're slowly introducing little bits of things for you to try. I love cooking for you, I even love cleaning up after cooking for you. That's probably because I love doing everything related to caring for you. Though I will admit your papa had to install the diaper sprayer today and I'm not much looking forward to using that. 

You still nurse a lot, and we cuddle many times in the night. I don't mind but you did freak me out for a couple of nights when we got home. I was afraid you were going to run on five hours or less forever:

But you seem to be getting back on track now. We cuddle you to bed around nine and you get up around nine, with at least a few nursing in the night. I'm happy if those last around half an hour, but sometimes you like me to stick around for a while (and sometimes we fall asleep together on that comfy chair). 
I know every parent says this, but I think you are the smartest cutest little thing. Today we had over an older friend (by one month). She was making very cute little talking sounds. You watched her the whole time she was here. Later you ran errands with your papa, and he said you were talking the whole time in the car. When you got home you kept this up and it is the cutest thing I've ever heard! We've decided you are going to have the best little voice. I see you watching other things we do and I try to always be mindful of my actions and words. I know you are just trying to figure everything out and I can't wait to see what you do next. 

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  1. It is crazy how quickly the time goes by. She is such a girl now!! Not a baby at all! 😉
    I love the photo w/her arm around you. So sweet!
    Are you going to tell us about your Alaska trip? I LOVE Alaska!!

  2. Awesome post, I can’t wait to see that cute little girl again! I have some dyed onesies for you…I hope they still fit!

  3. I did not think it was possible for her to get any cuter and yet she does every time I see her. I can hardly stand it. The video is so cute. How can she already be sitting up? Don’t you wish they had a pill that would slow down time just a little? My baby is starting Middle School in less than a week. She is only 10. How can this be happening?
    Okay, I am off to hug my baby. Hugs to Tuesday.

  4. I enjoy seeing all the photos of her – she is so sweet! Brice has always been very little, too…but he is exactly as my husband and I were at his age, so I have never worried, even though the doctor was. I knew he was just fine. And now that he’s on solids almost exclusively (we do still have some night time feedings) he is catching up nicely. I think doctors worry too much about stuff sometimes. 🙂

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