Little Bear

This weekend was downright fabulous. We didn't even do that much. Baby food making with our friends Karen, Kathryn, and Kourtney. I love using this thing.


There is something very zen about mushing up food. And I'm mushing up a lot of it, Tuesday has decided to start eating a ton. I don't have cans of baby food, but I'd guess she's eating about 4 ounces at lunch and another 4 at dinner! In addition to lots of milky, which makes me happy. We did little things around the house, saw grandparents, ate out, worked, scrubbed things. It was just, nice. I also had a little date with Jillian, my first in a while. I think Bj is worried I'm going to get to my goal weight soon (and thus get my cabinets), because he suggested we go out for ice cream. He then said, "Oh we shouldn't." But I already had it in my mind and started bundling up Tutu.


HAHAHAHAHA. Oh she is so cute and funny in this thing. We had one for her last season, but she never fit into it, and of course now it's too small. Luckily they still had similar styles at the Gap, so I picked another one up. I really got it for walks outside, not quick rides in the car, but I couldn't resist this once.

She seemed chill with it.

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  1. I see why you had to buy another outfit, adorable!
    Sounds like the perfect weekend. I went to a scrappin’ getaway retreat in Astoria, it was fun too 😉

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