9 Replies to “Tsa seriosly?”

  1. only the cutest little baby toes in the world!
    Have a good trip!

  2. They are basically socks and they don’t make us take off OUR socks… apparently all the hurdles they set up at security don’t keep us safer. It’s a false sense of security. I think I heard that from a TSA big shot. Tuesday nice travel outfit!

  3. Keep these pictures coming!! SO DARN CUTE!!

  4. Little did they know she hides her lighter in her diaper.

  5. LOL at carmen! 🙂

  6. Carmen,
    That’s where you hide all the good ‘Goods’ NO one wants to look in there!

  7. That is too cute!!

  8. that MUST be a joke. freaking TSA.

  9. how could that cute face do anything bad, so cute! 🙂

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