Safe and Sound

We arrived at Ceara and Grant’s safe and sound. I did almost miss our second flight because of my need for food. There was running involved. Let me just say there really are still some super mice people out there (oh laughing… Nice, Nice people). So thank you to every person who helped me today, from the stewardess who held tutu so I could use the bathroom to the many people that stood up when they ere shouting last call to point to me stuffing the stroller into it’s travel bag. United Airlines I do have to say boo on you for no longer offering pre-boarding to people with children. I’m not quite sure how a woman balancing three bags and a baby wacking people as she schleps (sp?) down the aisle saves them time or money. It’s true all the niceties of plane travel are disapearing.

Once again though let me say that besides corporate policies, the PEOPLE today were great. Lovely row mates, great personal. Crazy twist? I realized half way through my first flight that I was four seats away from my step-uncle Steve! I was in the very back and hadn’t looked up at anyone when I came back, I was so focused on getting us settled and breaking into my gummy frog stash. Then the guy on the other side of the guy next to me says, “this guy on the other side of the aisle is your husband’s father’s brother.” A person who does not exist, so I look over and it is in fact my step dad’s brother in law. So fun.
Of course the best part of the day was seeing Ceara and her cute baby bump. She made nachos, we chatted… This weekend is going to go fast!

Picture is of Miss Rubberneck. This girl loves her people watching!

Safe and Sound

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