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Last night we celebrated my dad’s birthday. Since I have a fabulous new space I decided I should use it to finish a languishing project. I had wanted to do a photo album for my dad’s fiftieth (I won’t tell you how old he is now, but over fifty!), and finally got it together.
I had a really random assortment of old photos and I wanted to include some new ones so I just made this title page and then used a Scrapworks Scrap Smart album to super speed scrap and put all the photos together. I love those big leather box albums for gifts (And I have four I’m selling on Craig’s List…). One of the cool things is that with the sleeves that hold 4×6 photos the recipient can pull them out to frame them if they want. I know my dad liked it because he called me today to thank me again! Super scrap score!!!
Since Tuesday is doing this new thing called TAKING A NAP (have you heard of it, it’s awesome!) I got to scrap a little for me today.
I have a tutorial for these flowers on my site. They are really easy, and you can make them from almost any ribbon, but I really like using the satin. I need to sit down and make a bunch so if you want step by step photos let me know I’d be happy to take some.
We finally swapped out some of our wedding pictures for framed pictures of Tuesday (we still have lots of our pictures up, just thought we should acknowledge the child 🙂 so I scrapped this one we pulled out.
When I was very clever and had lots of free time I used to make these type of embellishments with goodies left over from what ever I was working on to have on hand for future layouts. Smart right? I need to start doing it again. It’s a fun scrapbooking thing for when you only have a few minutes, or if you don’t want to clean up but you don’t want to start a whole new big project. This layout is hanging on Bj’s cork wall. I hung up the other one on my board:
I like being able to hang up my most recent. I think I’m officially back in the grove (I will not show you the crazybox layout I made about Bj’s first job, I actually cut around his body and made him into a sort of paper doll. What can I say, I was rusty!).

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  1. i love that you’re scrapping in your new room already! that’s awesome!
    also awesome? tuesday taking naps! good job tuesday! 🙂
    thanks for sharing your pages…they’re fabulous!

  2. what a thoughtful present! And I am also super happy for you that Tuesday is enjoying some daytime snoozing 🙂 It is amazing what you can get done during naptimes!

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