Yesterday Tuesday and I spent all day downtown since our car had to go in for a minor little warranty repair. I told the technician to keep it as long as they wanted – we were two girls on the town! Lunch with Aunt Sciarrino, new boots from a store going out of business ($50 – I got white now I just need to get some of their cool sock things to go in them), and lots of window shopping. I went into the Border's Express and found some great little books for Tuesday. They were in the clearance section, a six pack for $5.99 so they work out to a buck a piece.


I think the content is a little bit off (the "food" book starts off good with fruits and veggies and then wham – a tart is thrown in the mix, and the whole last page is candy), but what I really love is the size.


Tuesday can cart them around and flip through the pages easily. She can also gnaw on them, so I've got to watch her. 

This morning I decided to forgo extra sleep and hit a sale with my mom. It was a BIG ONE the paper said, so we had to go. I go to lots of estate sales and I don't usually find it weird going through other people's things at all. I look at it this way, if it were my stuff I'd want someone to get it who was thrilled about getting a good deal/cool things. The one today though made me a little sad. An old woman with nobody, and no will so the state was selling all her things, even her house. And the house had seen (much, much) better days. I'm going to come out and say it, she was a cat lady. And not in a good way. In a, what's a litter box OMG it smelled so bad kind of way. Yikes. I don't know if it's the way the estate people set up her house but every room was a craft room. She had a sewing room, vintage textile room, painting room, book room, etc. It's like she had every single craft thing you could want (a lady in front of me was very happy about the Bernina she scored), but it got me wondering what made her craft? I love to make things for Tuesday, my friends, and to share these things on the blog.

On the way home my mom and I were talking and I mentioned that I thought blogs connected people and helped make friends, she thought the opposite, like maybe you get in a online bubble, but you can't call up any of those people to hang out. I think this might be a generational thing, but I wonder, do you feel like you've made "real" friends online? I do, but this sale also made me want to find some more cool people in my area (hey – it's harder once you're an adult!). Anyway here is what I ended up getting:


Oil pastels for Tutu, because they are so creamy kids usually find them even more fun than crayons. Little canvases for my little artist, along with some great canvas/watercolor pads and a bunch of paper palettes. There were so many things there, but I hesitated on a lot because of the smell, and also I felt like it was way over priced. I may go back on Sunday to see what they are discounting (lots of the cool knit fabric I hope). I also got a couple handy kitchen containers – a small fridge jug and an aluminum baking pan with lid. That kind of stuff is always so handy!

P.S. I picked a couple people for the kits, I can't wait to see what you make, and I'm going to work on details for a swap – watch for them soon!

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  1. My husband is always telling me that I need more friends. We joke that all my friends live in my laptop. Since I’ve got some anxiety about ppl, I am totally fine with that. BUT I do feel that since I started blogging, both reading and writing, I’ve made some connections. Certainly through FB I’ve reconnected with old friends. So I guess I kind of live in a bubble but I also like it that way! I am so jealous of your estate sale radar! good job!

  2. I’d totally be up for a swap!
    I have quite a few online friends. These are ladies that I’ve gotten to know over the last 9 years. We were all pregnant at the same time, and now our babies are going to be 9 in May/June/July! Some of these friends I’m closer to than others. I’ve met quite a few of them in person, some live fairly close, for some reason a ton of them live in Texas. But the weird thing is, if someone asked me who my best friends are, I wouldn’t necessarily name them. But they know me. I know them. It’s weird.
    So maybe I kind of agree with your mom about creating a bubble? It’s nice to have people to talk to and connect with online, but you need people you see face to face!

  3. I really want to check out some estate sales – such cool finds. the pastels and canvases are a great idea, that litte Tuesday is a lucky girl:) And I hear what you mean about “real” friends – I have been on the fringes of a knitting group trying to find some real-life people, and I am thinking about checking out a book club in my area for the same reason – important to have friends nearby who have some similar interests. It’s hard though you know? More creative people are writing blogs:)

  4. I find it so much easier to make connections online because you can more easily find people with similar interests. I keep trying to get out there and meet more people locally, but it is really difficult.

  5. One of my very best friends who comes to visit me and I’ve gone on vacation with is someone I met from the internet. I agree it might be generational. I have some fabulous friends in real life who I’ve met via the internet! 🙂

  6. well, WE met the internet 🙂
    i do think it’s very hard to make friends later in life. especially when you don’t have a child that can connect you instantly with someone (like meeting them at a playgroup, having them over to let the kids play, etc.) – so i have formed friendships online. and i consider them real, dear friends. i may have never met them in person, some i’ve talked to one the phone, some i haven’t. but we do talk all the time thanks to blogs, email/chats, twitter + facebook…we send little notes or gifts in the mail. they are ladies that i just KNOW i would adore in person if i had the chance to see them face to face. i would love to make more friends locally…but how does one do that as an adult?
    oooh estate sales! there hasn’t really been any here lately. i need to start watching better. that one you went to sounded fun! although, i don’t envy how that place must of smelled! (YUCK!)

  7. oh, and i’m not saying that IF you have a child making friends is cake. it’s just that was an example that popped into my head. didn’t want to offend anyone 🙂

  8. aww, that is really sad about the cat lady. almost like noone even missed her.
    and yes, I’ve “met” some fantastic women through blogging. I’ve only had the chance to get together with one of them so far, but I do talk to a few of them on the phone almost weekly. It is different, almost like having lots of pen pals.

  9. Amber – not sure how to find your email address ! Argghh ! Here’s mine: music at fbmethodist . com Email me there and I’ll give you my physical address.
    THANK YOU !!

  10. i just love reading your blog and seeing your creativity. tuesday sure seems like a lucky little lady. looks like you guys always have fun adventures together!

  11. Too bad we live just far enough apart that we can’t hop on over to each others home. 🙂 I too wonder what drove the lady to craft…I craft for friends and family, but if you die alone and leave your house to no one, who are you crafting for. Interesting.

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