Oh you really shouldn’t have!

I got my totally awesome and amazing swap package earlier this week and held off blogging about it until I had time to do it justic. That time is now!
Marin was my lovely swap partner (well Amysue was who I gave to, but Marin had me). She was so sweet to send my things that were right up my alley. I have to admit though as soon as I read the note and it said, “I made the cupcakes” I was riping through the package so freaking quickly! Imagine my surprise to find these little cuties:
Oh I was so excited. My mom was here and we were both oohing and ahhing over them. Tuesday actually bit into one when I told her it was a cupcake (don’t ask me how she knew what a cupcake was, she’s never had one!):
That green yarn is so yummy, I have no idea what it is, but I’m pretty sure i could just knit with that the rest of my life and be happy. Thank you so much for my package, I love everything. I’m esspecially intriqued by the vintage piece of the prom dress, I have to come up with something clever for it!
I think almost everyone has their package, if you want to see what they got you can click on their links on the side bar, fun, fun!
In other fun mail news Making Memories sent me new caps for my paints. I never upgraded when they first came out with this free replacement plan because I liked the way the silver lids looked:
Which as you can see was stupid because the pliers I had to use to open them made them look terrible anyway. And it was such a chore I rarely used them. But now:
Much better. And no cost to me, yeah! So if you are still rocking their old tops I’d email them for a switch (I just went to their website and filled out a contact form).
Another cool company? Uppa Baby. The crazy people in baggage at one of the airports I went to managed to rip the bumper bar off of our stroller—while it was in it’s bag! Uppa Baby sent me a new one at no cost. I love that stroller so much, one of the best baby things we got (which is good because I’ve talked a few other people into one!). I still get to have her ride facing me if I want and we chit chat it up all day long 🙂
Have you had a great experience with a company like that? Doesn’t it make you feel like the world is alright?
Ok so the weather was too nice this weekend, but now that I’m over the shock I should be able to get back into the blogging grove… but I am still trying to get the yard squared away, so no promises!

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  1. Can I steal the cupcake pics for my Rav page? I took a few in a hurry before I sent it off and they didn’t turn out well. Bad lighting/time of day (and I’m not a good photographer!).
    Glad you liked the package. I really tried to tailor it to you and Tuesday. The green yarn is from my good friend Regina from a yarn swap in my knitting group. It seemed like the green you were describing. I think it’s off etsy, but I listed the brand on Ravelry.
    I got that prom dress at our local antique market a few years ago. I made a knitting needle case out of it and that sash has been sitting in my stash since then. It was a huge prom dress!

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