I wish it was more interesting

But basically I’ve been sick. Boo! Actually Tuesday was sick (and is getting better) and now I’m sick. But you know, when your kid is sick life shuts down more than when you are sick. When does a parent have time to be sick anyway?

The other things taking up my time were fabulous things. Carmen, Andrew and Chloe were back visiting. They stayed with her parents, but we did have a house guest of our own this last week. The oh so sweet Maria from Denmark. Maria’s sister was a dear friend. She was our exchange student my senior year of high school and passed away after a battle with cancer seven years ago. She had just visited us in the states and those of you who knew me way back when on 2 peas may remember this memorial album I made. I’m so happy to say that now I can call Maria a friend in her own right and I hope for many more of her visits and some of our family going to Europe. You could not ask for a better guest. We ate at food carts (and lots of other yummy places, I had to show her everything!), visited local attractions, watched movies and just hung out. It was fabulous. I’m coming down off the high of having so many people here I love. I don’t think that Tuesday quite realizes they won’t be back tomorrow…

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  1. It’s so nice to have friends come and visit. Hope you are feeling better soon.

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