When 13 is one, you’ve started too late

I finally finished one of my advent projects (the other one I’m hoping to have done next year). In case you don’t know an advent is a countdown to Christmas (my baby-sitter didn’t know what it was).

This is one of the Silhouette advent calendars, they were running a special and I picked one up (looks like they are no longer at the store, maybe they’ll come out again next year). It comes with a download card to make all the little drawers (making little boxes are also an option). I stayed up way too late before my trip to California working on this, cutting the boxes was so addicting! I used a variety of cardstock patterned papers, and then regular vinyl for the numbers and letters.

I have the perfect place for it above our fireplace. It’s great because Tuesday can’t reach it, yay!

Even though I had a great time visiting with my dad in California, and seeing Indianapolis for the first time (we took off a day after we got back from Cali), it is kind of a bummer that the first box Tuesday gets to open is the 13th. I love the lead up to the holidays, all the planning, the crafting, the wrapping. It’s so crammed together this year. Expect posting to be light while I decorate, sew, knit, and generally craft it up! Oh did I mention I threw a baby shower Sunday, the day after I got back from Indy? I am so crazy, but I love it! Hope your holiday prep is going well, are you getting as crazy as me?

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  1. this turned out so great! It looks so much better than the already amazing sample one on the site! Although that is what I would expect since you made it! I love it!!

  2. What a cool Advent Calendar! Anything inside the boxes? And I have to say, I’m not surprised you’re days have been crammed and crazy with crafting, traveling and Christmas-goodness… you’re my one friend who always has 50 things going on at one time. It’s something I can count on you for…things are never boring when you’re with Amber! 🙂

  3. It was cute sans numbers, and even better with! I like how you varied them 🙂
    And you threw the best baby shower–thanks for doing it! I don’t know how you manage!!
    Amazon got our advent business this year–Starwars Legos for Jake, and regular Legos for Clara 😉

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