Week in the Life—Wednesday

note: Bj and I were both up with Tuesday in the middle of the night. I think because when she fell asleep the baby sitter was here and she was checking we were back. It took a long time to get her back to sleep and Bj was somehow the epitome of cool and calm while she had a tantrum at 2 AM. “Sweetheart I love you. Please use your words.”
















*I feel the need to explain this photo. For you readers and my memory. When Tuesday wakes up before me she usually plays quietly as long as she can stand it (or until she gets really hungry). Then she comes to wake me up, “Wake up lazybones” Over time when I was really tired I told her to please turn off my fan for me, and to go get her stool and open the curtains so I could wake up. She started to do it so fast I came up with something else, for her to get me a pair of socks. But I was still too tired to get up so she put them on me. It’s so funny! She does it all now with out me asking, silly girl.

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  1. I so love your project life pics .. you manage to pack so much into your days!

  2. One question: who took that first picture of the day? Tuesday? I mean, you’ve got her fetching your socks, turning off your fan and opening the curtains too. Or was it the sitter? If it was, you might want to rethink your hire… I mean, creepy if she’s coming in taking photos of you 2 sleeping 😉

  3. Hahahaha, no ceara, I do not have a baby sitter that early in the morning! I’m addicted to my phone so I sleep right next to it. I just grabbed it and took a photo with one hand over my head. 🙂 Bj’s alarm had already gone off a few times so we were just delaying the inevitable!

  4. Tuesday is one very stylish three year old! Love the adorable outfit she is wearing at Petco! And I also love that she turns your fan off, opens your curtains, and gets your socks every morning…such a sweet way to wake up and start the day!!

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