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  1. Love the garden shed! Too fun! Going to try and visit Katie in October….hope I get to see the girls!

  2. That is the most AWESOME garden shed I have ever seen! (I’m one of your faithful blog readers who rarely leaves a comment, but really should more often!)

  3. I loved it before but love the finished product. You need to send pics to a lot of magazines, it’s a pic of the other sides, to show your workbench and Tuesday’s toy bend. Everyone wants a shed like this one, your carpenter is the greatest!

  4. LOVE your garden shed!My shed is being re-sided and while I am not planning a rainbow of colors like yours…I am planning a very bright door.

  5. That’s it! I want to move in with you so I can be your Style Intern, your taste is so awesome and this shed takes the cake! Love it!

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