I invited myself over for dinner.

I’m blogging photos with minimal words this September. I’d love to see snippets of your life in photos too, please leave me a link in the comments.
And let’s hear it for an “Amber Moment”
When I was over the evening pictured above I saw Bill greasing up and installing a repaired screen door. They had to have the screen replaced and corners fixed. It had been a bit loose, but someone trying to walk through it at a party finally did it in. So Bill is lovingly getting it lined up just right, and it looks great. I commented that it opened and closed so well, just like new! Fast forward to the next day. We ended up going over there again because my step-brother was visiting from Japan. And who goes and runs through that freaking door? ME. SERIOUSLY. I turned and walked right into it, busting the screen again. I could. not. stop. laughing. Bj wasn’t with us the day before so he looked at me like I was crazy, Bill looked at me like I was a menace, and my mom just rolled her eyes. I have not run into the screen in the almost 20 years that my mom has lived there, but leave it to me to crash into the day after it was repaired. Geez.

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  1. Glad you are okay, but that is really too funny!! I am a total klutz! That sounds like something I would totally do myself. Looks like it was a fun dinner party! And that baby carriage is so cool!

  2. I do think you got the reactions right on :-)! Although Bill did just say it was pretty funny! We love it when you come over for dinner; makes the evening that much more fun!

  3. My mom’s girlfriend found it for us at a garage sale before Tuesday was born. It’s perfect for wheeling around inside and outside with a sleeping or resting baby (and keeping said baby safe from a kid!). The thing is GIANT though and has no turning radius. I do not know how women went out with these!

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