5 Replies to “Yesterday I went to the fair again”

  1. Oh how fun! Love all the big smiles!

  2. Such cute pictures! We went to the fair on Sunday and I didn’t see a photo booth anywhere!!!! Was totally bummed 🙁 Love seeing you so happy 🙂

  3. thanks again for brightening my day yesterday – love these, they make me laugh!

  4. Seriously that is a fear of mine… One year I’ll go and they’ll have no photo booths, or only digital. I will cry on that day, big time. Some day I will own one of those photo booths, it’s on the wish list.

  5. […] spending time with her and the girls there! we ate dinner. we looked at animals. we ate ice cream. we wore silly glasses in the photobooth. it was perfect. spending time with the three of them was just the best distraction and happy times […]

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