The Artist as a young child

Oh my goodness. It’s been a while since I’ve taken a look at the photos on Tuesday’s camera. Today I downloaded them and they were cracking me up. First of all, dozens of pictures of her bookshelf.

Maybe because it’s convenient from her bed? There are pictures of us sleeping that we don’t recall her taking. Noooo that’s not creepy at all…
And these gems:

I can just imagine her cracking herself up over these. I know they got Bj and I rolling.

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  1. Love it! LOL. I have some funny things on my phone from Clara taking pictures. and I realized that if she didn’t take video, I would hardly have any video of Annalise…

  2. So funny. My husband is a photog and every year after he takes our family Christmas pic, we let our son sit there, unsupervised, with the remote for the camera. He is 6. Let me tell you, THAT is hilarious. To say ok, time’s up! and then go look at the pics…we are usually rolling on the floor with laughter. This year was no different. Most are serious, professional poses even, but about every tenth one or so, wow!

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