What we’ve been up to

Re-organizing (it has to get worse before it gets better):

Getting Bennet out of the hammock meant moving the crib into our room (since she still wakes up so many times at night):

She does sleep in there, and I think she’s finally starting to not miss the hammock so much.

Going for walks in the cold:

I do it for the outfits:

Countdown to more cold (Alaska):

Tuesday talked me into moving her trampoline back upstairs (and a mirror):

Thank you notes:

Finally all sent:

More organizing (they have too many clothes!!!!):

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  1. Looks like you are getting it done! And yes. The clothes. I NEEEEEEEED to finish doing Annalise’s too small stuff. I think I have 4 or 5 FULL rubbermaid totes and that’s just newborn to 12 months. Not even all the 12months, because she’s still wearing some of the 12 month stuff. I decided February is my clothing organizing month. I really think it’s going to take me a month. LOL.

  2. I see why you do it for the outfits – love them! The thank-you note art is wonderful, too 🙂

  3. I am trying to organize around our house as well. How does everything get so out of order?? Anyway, I am busy with that and also we are going to paint our house soon (interior). Lots of projects!! Tuesday is an adorable ballerina! And I love the sweet photo of Bennet sleeping in her crib. Babies are so cute when they are sleeping!

  4. We are doing some major organizing here as well! We gave away the two strollers (I hesitated as I was doing so… it means no more babies :(, tons of toys and clothes, and got some bookshelves and a dresser from my in-laws. Can you believe we didn’t have any bookshelves in our house until last weekend?? My MIL said that those metal hangers with the non-slip felt save SO much space in the closet, so I might get rid of our plastic tubular hangers. Dahlia has the same LS shirt Bennet’s wearing in her crib, and the same teether! It feels good to cleanse and purge, and to try to live simply. Good luck with the organizing!

  5. send some organizing mojo my way… i need to purge and sort badly. also, loving bennets mustard cords. adorable! hope to see you lovely ladies this week!

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