Just like that the links are gone

And we’re off to Alaska this evening! Oh my goodness, just me and the girls. Coming off mega colds all three of us. And of course Bennet is teething like CA-RAZY.

I have snacks, and teethers, and sticker books, and extra clothes (hmm maybe I should toss in an extra shirt for me…). I am going to try and blog from up there, more so that I can remember the trip more than anything. I have always brought scrapbooks to work on while I’m up there, but it didn’t happen this time. So wish me luck… and I hope you’re not on our flight, ha!

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  1. Have a blast! Can’t wait to hear about the trip 🙂
    and i’m glad you got over the colds before flying–we’ve had that floating around our house too, not at all fun 🙁

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