Sciarrino and I have been on a roll lately thrifting. Probably replacing most of what we garage saled away, but oh well. I thought it would be fun to showcase some of the things I’ve found over the years, how I use them, what the deal was, etc.
Tuesday is working with a Wonder Knitter by Clover (affiliate link). It is $7.62 on Amazon. That’s not terribly expensive, but I found this one (new in the package) for $1.99 . Earlier this year I found a small knitter like this (but way cuter) for a dollar, but I thought it might be difficult. At the beginning of the year I tried to teach her finger knitting, but she didn’t love it. If you’ve seen the size of my yarn stash you know it’s imperative that one if my girls likes knitting!!
So I was intrigued by this thing and the price was right. I was with Sciarrino and no kids which always means I have time to really search the rows. This came from our Lancaster Goodwill, which has the best book section in town, by the way. Sometimes I go to Goodwill (or an estate sale, garage sale, etc.) for something specific. But more often than not I like to browse. I’m the first to admit this is dangerous. Who can pass up a 99 cent book with gorgeous illustrations, who?!?! When I’m going without a plan I start on one end of the store and work my way over. I dig through the racks and move things around, open packages, and am snoopy. Things are so often mis-shelved, usually because I don’t think employees know what the things are. My favorite rows are the toy row and the craft row, where I found this. And let me tell you this thing is awesome. Tuesday loves it. It hits at her skill level (at 4.5) just right. Doable, but a challenge still, which is great. For sure I will be adding this to my gift ideas for this age group.
So that’s my first what I thrifted, what I got it for, what I’m doing with it post (I need a clever title I guess!). What’s the best random, you weren’t looking for it, thing you’ve found?

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