And then one thing led to another

Does this ever happen to you? You have a plan, you gather materials, you are for sure going to work on something when you decide to just do one thing first. Then before you know it it’s 12:21 AM and you’re writing a blog post about something completely different. I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing, you’ll see I got a lot done… Just not what I was thinking I should do.

Which is why these 100 odd pounds of tomatoes are still sitting in my garage. I was totally going to work on them tonight. My mother in law is here and we were going to get stuff done! But see that paper bag over there? Well it was full of apples. I’m applesauced out right now so when Tuesday and I saw an article in the Rachel Ray magazine about making cider (without a press) we decided to try it.

Two quarts and a couple mug fulls later we had a pile of apple pulp that looked a lot like baby poop. I decided making muffins with some of it was a good idea, so then we did that. Ok phew, now I’ll go to bed to get up early and start canning.
By this time though Bennet is already up again (sigh). So after I get her down I figure I might as well wait the 12 minutes the diapers need to rotate them over to the dryer. Trying to break my terrible habit of leaving clothes in the wash overnight. Hmm what to do in the basement for 12 minutes. Well that nightgown is sitting there half sewn…
Now an hour later I’m tired. I made fresh cider, cleaned the kitchen, made muffins, cleaned the kitchen, washed diapers, and finished a nightgown for Tuesday. But did I get any canning done? I did not.
And so it goes.

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  1. You are one busy girl! I am a night owl, too! If only I could sleep late every morning I would probably stay up way past midnight every night. I bet the apple muffins were really yummy!

  2. hahaha can totally relate. I think it’s rightly called “mommy brain”. Some days I’m flitting from one thing to the next & never actually get anything completed 🙂

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