The girls room

Please excuse the cell phone pics… as you can imagine it only looked this pristine for a short while and I didn’t snag any better pictures with my big dslr.

We finished! We used this plan from Ana White, only slightly modified to remove a step and add a ladder rung so it would fit under our window. Also you can’t see it, but we did add an extra 2×6 on the bottom back as an extra brace. I whipped up some bunting and Bj hung a few poofs (left over from a wedding; a friend was giving them away).

We used KD fir, which came in at $63.50 from our local lumber place. And I white washed it with left over trim paint. Um, hello white washing is awesome! So easy and quick (half water, half paint, apply liberally, whip off excess. Bam done). Plus I love the softness it lends to the piece. I needed a light for Tuesday, who I knew would want to stay up a little later than Bennie. So I got this adjustable holder (and then realized it was green so I spray painted it silver with some leftover paint), and this lantern. It is cheap, but has a great dim-able option, it goes so low. The bottom has a big black access to get to the batteries, so I covered it with a piece of fabric. We also ended up getting a mattress and cover from Amazon. It seriously came in a bag and inflates when you cut the plastic a certain way. Very cool, perfect for a top bunk (and I think it’s pretty comfy too!).

Ya they pretty much love it. We managed to have it done before we left for a Christmas Eve gathering, and the reveal was great. The picture above is from right after Tuesday got up here for the first time.

Bennet being silly. She is starting the night in the bed, and when she wakes up the first time we rock her back to sleep and put her into the crib, which is still in the nook in our room. Not a perfect solution, but at least I have a little time to enjoy the room without a sleeping baby. My laundry is even put away now, since I can open and close drawers without worrying about waking her up! My lucky girls also got new quilts for Christmas that their nana made them, so those are on the beds now. Tuesday already has about five hundred pillows and stuffed animals up there, so she’s all settled in.

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  1. It all looks so awesome! The pink poofs are great, and so is the bunting. I had no idea white washing was so easy… I need to try it! The girls look so excited and happy in their new beds… I love it! Happy New Year!

  2. You did an amazing job! I have been dreaming of a loft bed for my (just turned) 5 year old daughter but the cost of them are crazy.
    My husband and I have been inspired by you guys! Where did you get your lumber? We are just down the road in Albany, we have only looked at Lowes and Home Depot, the lumber is OK but not great.

  3. Lindsey,
    Hi, thanks for your kind comments about the bed, it really was pretty easy. We did have to buy the special tool she recommends to drill the pieces together at an angle, but other than that it was pretty basic. We just used KD (kiln dried) Fir from our local lumber yard. It’s on the south side of town and is called Kilgore Blackman. I find that smaller places like this are a little nicer about letting you pick through lumber and get the nice pieces. And since every piece was cut if the ends weren’t perfect it didn’t matter much. If you’d like to come up to Killgore Brian is the one who helped us, though I think most would. Good luck!

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