Pax Forest School Rummage Sale!

Hey, have you ever wanted to buy my old crap? hehehe. Ok, not crap, but stuff we just don’t need any more. Because baby I’ve been purging! This message is mostly for local peeps. And I pretty much copied the rest of it word for word from the Pax Forest School blog, if you also read that. Basically my friends and I decided to start a non-profit child led learning school of sorts outside, in all weather, back in January. We’re still working towards our 501 (c) (3) status (oh the paperwork!) and a permanent location. If you live around here and want to support alternative learning please consider donating to our sale or coming to shop!
(and now, copied from Pax):
Hi all, we’re wrapped up for the year. Check out this picture of our last day of the season:
pax last day-1A big difference from the mud and cold of the first day back in January!
We had a great year this year and are so looking forward to the fall. The board will be busy finishing our 501 (c) (3) application and finalizing our private location for the fall. This means we need your support! We have loved being able to offer Pax as no cost child led play days, but we really want the room to grow. We’d love to have the children be able to build structures, and really get to know their land. In order to do all of this we need donations. Until we have our status finalized with the IRS donations are NOT tax deductible. So we are going to have a warehouse rummage sale to get donations rolling in.
You can help by donating used items in good condition to our rummage sale June 21-22. We have one more set drop off date (see below). If possible please have like items bagged or banded together (a bag of barbies for example, or all the pieces to a game in one box). You can not write off these donations. That is why it is so important for us to get our 501 (c) (3) status so we can encourage bigger donations (we are already registered with the state as a non-profit).
Drop off date:
Tuesday, June 17th from 10-noon
Rummage Sale:
Saturday and Sunday June 21-22
9-3 both days
2709 19th St. SE, Salem
sale stuff-1
Donations have started piling in! Please if you need assistant getting donations to the warehouse contact us and we may be able to help you! Parents of Pax we also need help making signs, ads (Craig’s list and other garage sale sites and apps), helping with the kid’s lemonade booth and of course day of sale help. And tell your friends and family about the sale as well! Please support your awesome kiddos by helping with our sale!
And please share this post with all your friends!
About Pax Forest School
Pax was started by three homeschooling moms as a way to facilitate child led learning out of doors, in any weather. Our hope is that children learn about themselves with and through nature; becoming confident, adventurous learners who work together to solve problems. Pax means peace.

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