Craft “office” refresh

It has been a long time since I shared my craft room. I love seeing little glimpses that tell me I had a toddler at the time! Now that I have a 9 and 5 year old I don’t need that baby gate or little basket of baby toys. I’ve also changed the way I work and what I work on. Plus I’ve accumulated more crafting stuff, of course. Also there were things that never worked well, like the curtains on hooks. It may have looked neat but climbing on my desks to close them at night was so annoying. My mom and I were fabric shopping and I came across this beautiful double gauze. I bought the whole bolt to make these curtains and doing that made me revisit everything in the room. I ended up going through every single drawer, box, cupboard. Every little container filled with bits and bobbles. I packed up things I thought a friend would like and sent them off. I went through old charger cables and CDs with who know what on them. It felt so good and I’m really hoping I can keep it like this so that it’s ready for me to work in it at a moments notice. Enjoy these photos of my craft room and the little video I took at the end!


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