This is who I am.
My name is Amber Lee Garrison, I’m a mother of two who grew up right here in Salem, Oregon. I received my fine arts degree from Oregon State in 2004. Though I was trained in traditional black and white film photography I got my first digital camera in 2005 and went fully digital in 2006.
I love the flexibility of digital photography but I much prefer to be behind the camera instead of in front of the computer so you won’t see a lot of post-processing from me. I love timeless color photography and classic black and whites. I love to capture this moment in your life and steer away from posed, formal portraits. Instead I will peek in on you baking cookies, going for a walk, or playing at the park. These will be special images unique to your family and your life right NOW.
I am not currently accepting new clients.
What this website is.
I started a personal blog in March of 2005. I was recently graduated from college (Oregon State University) and dating my future husband. I had just left my job as a purchaser and a warehouse manager for a scrapbooking company to start my own company; an online ribbon store called The Ribbon Jar. The blog was my journal through wedding planning, getting married, the death of my husband’s father and our care of his grandpa. It followed me through pregnancy and childbirth. I still had the blog in 2010 when I decided to sell my ribbon company and go into photography full time. Initially I had a separate blog for my photography business but I quickly realized that wasn’t me.
So I moved everything over here to my new home on the web in January 2011. All the silliness of being just out of college and carefree. The seriousness of hard times. The joy and color of everyday life. The archives have it all, I haven’t deleted a thing (though some are still a bit wonky from the move!). Now find my personal stories and adventures (both around my house and yard and out in the bigger world) along with my most recent photography work here. It is a mash up of sorts. But that’s me. I now have two beautiful unique daughters, and am spending my time with them. I’m not currently taking new clients. I am sharing my love of crafts, my kids, and our everyday through my photographs. Enjoy!

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