Free Association Wednesday


Getting back into the groove of the free association. Just comment (pretty please) on the first thing that comes into your head when you see this word. See the first free association for more info. But let me just remind you why I started this thingie… I don’t want to pressure anyone, but I know people are reading and I want to hear a "holla!" So this is a fun interactive way, and hey it’s so so easy!  Just click the comment button baby!!


6 Replies to “Free Association Wednesday”

  1. Looking up at a beautiful blue sky…..

  2. Reading (I think there used to be a kid’s show called “Reading Rocket!”)

  3. ‘Got a rocket in my pocket…’ – Ahem, it’s a line from West Side Story – Honest.

  4. My sister-in-laws crazy cat

  5. National Anthem – Rocket’s Red Glare

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