Happy Things

-Sam is back in America and home on Friday, hoorah! 
-Postcards from Japan, Love you Taro!
-Creating and creating and creating until well, 2:43 am right now.
-Pedicures (and especially the color: Kennebunkport)
-My Tivo, my mom’s Tivo, Bj’s Tivos (as Shannon said, "Your quality of life definitely increases with a Tivo, so true).
-The old hand quilted quilt on my bed right now.
-Text messages from Bj.
-Comments on my blog.
-Rediscovering old favorite songs.
-The end sequence in Love Actually. Makes me want to go sit at an airport.

oh and "I less than three geeks" = "I <3 geeks" = "I heart geeks" But I’m not geeky enough to get the HTML to work for a heart 🙁

2 Replies to “Happy Things”

  1. Happy thoughts definitly make a day better :)!

  2. Yay for happy thoughts! I need to do that on my blog. Maybe I’ll go do that right now… 🙂

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