The weekend review

So this weekend was good. I spent most of it scrapbooking. Working on this Halloween album and this lunch pail for eBay. I like doing stuff for eBay because it’s fun to scrapbook, and I feel no guilt taking time to scrapbook when I know I am going to put it up on the block. It helps get my creative juices flowing, like a warm up before a race or something. Plus using up scraps and stuff is so cool. So check them out.

So I went up to Bj’s parents with him this weekend. They live up in the Tri-Cities in Washington. I like visiting with his parents, but the area is not my favorite. Really brown, and I’m used to really green. I did get to test drive a Mustang GT and a V6 (you know to tell the difference). I really want this car, it is so so so so so so so HOT. However I do have this little twinge of guilt about saying goodbye to my baby. But she’s 16 years old. 🙁 I hope my stepbrother will drive her so I can still see her.

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  1. That. Was. Awesome! So funny! I once had to pay a security guard $5 to get into the empty fashion show mall in Vegas because of a similar incident. *ugh* It was a long walk back to the hotel! Great story though! 🙂 In fact maybe I will talk about that on my blog next time I have nothing to blog about! Hee hee!

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