Waiting for Wii

Outside Fred Meyer’s at 7 pm they cracked and had to call me for blankies and a little table to play poker on. They’d been their three hours already and they (from left; my cousin Ryan, Bj, and Brent) have five more still. I’m getting married to a nerd. But a cute one. And after all, I think I might be more excited then him to try out the Wii, and I’m the one whose nice and warm and scrapbooking right now. hehehehe I win.

4 Replies to “Waiting for Wii”

  1. I am SO jealous!! Did they get one? I wanna play!!

  2. Oh they all look so cute & cozy!

  3. That cracks me up.
    My brother sooooooooo waited in line for one too.
    Now he has it, now life is good. 🙂

  4. i JUST saw a commercial for this last night…
    hadn’t heard of it until then but it looked like some CRAZY fun!
    they’re lucky you brought them blankets – that would have been one cold night!

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