Just got back from the Harry Potter premier, quite excellent. Makes me want to be magical, or at least British, despite your horrid weather Kay (which does look really nasty). I was shocked when Sciarrino and I showed up almost two hours early and the lines were wrapped all the way around the building made up of hundreds of people. A big even for Salem. The air conditioning was great, but the best might have been the overheard conversation of two guys in cloaks:

First guy: "She made me feel bad about where I am in my life."

Second guy: "You’re the manager of a comic book store, it doesn’t get any better than that."

So good I had to take it down right away so I could remember the wording exactly. Now I’m back at home. It’s 2:50 in the morning and still 80 degrees in here, and 75 outside (!) so it’s a slow go on the cooling off inside. I’m off to stick my feet in ice water.

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  1. lekkerkerker says: Reply

    Josh & I went to the 7:00 showing of License to Wed to get out of “it’s sweaty out here” and there was already a line of dressed up Harry Potter kids. But hey- if it was 102 out & I was dressed in head to toe black & in some sort of cape, I’d be inside too.

  2. That’s hilarious.

  3. You Harry Potter fans are crazy. At least it feels like summer where you are…Here in Vermont–straight rain for almost 2 weeks! Sigh

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