Hello Yarn

Are you sick of my hand spinning blah, blah, blah yet? The thing is I haven’t really been doing much else, I’ve been working during the day and then it’s just so relaxing to just spin in the evening. I am going to be out this weekend doing fun girlie stuff so hopefully I’ll bring you something a little more interesting soon 🙂 Meanwhile…
Put into cakes like this you can see how the Navajo plied one self stripes. I think I am going to do hats with both of these so I can really see the difference in knitting them up.

2 Replies to “Hello Yarn”

  1. Not sick of hearing about spinning at all. I love your blog, especially all the colour. Tag! Your it (If you wanna) http://picklesticks.blogspot.com/

  2. I cannot wait to see the hats! I lean towards loving the yarn produced by random two ply a little more and loving the knits produced by Navajo ply a little more, so it will be lovely to see these side by side.

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